Saturday, January 22, 2011


saturday is a good a day as any to do a crossword.  personally i prefer all of the days.  i like the one in the 24 because it's so easy even i can finish it (on a good day) . . . can you say confidence booster?  there is a lady who stands outside the ttc station in this frigid weather and hands out the free paper.  she is so cheerful, considering.  one day she was coughing and sick and she told me she had to be out in the cold to pay the bills.  they gave her a toque to wear but she she wished they would give her socks.  she said she didn't care what colour, as long as they kept her warm.  it broke my heart a little.  she had a smile on her face the whole time. 

when i was living at home with my parents, saturday morning consisted of mom racing to be first to grab the paper and put on the coffee. she would then commence the crossword.  dad would arrive in the kitchen, eat a massive bowl of cereal (with 5 different kinds of cereal) in preparation for his day at work.  while eating his cereal my dad would fill in some crucial clues in the crossword and correct my mom's mistakes... when mom would get fed up, i would be slowly returning to the land of the living and have my turn.  after work dad would correct both our mistakes and finish the whole damn thing.

i love the 24 because it is shiny and i don't get newsprint on my hands while commuting.  here are some pictures from their condo this morning...

peaceful saturday morning on the lake in burlington..


Miss Mac said...

Hey I just realized that you have an amazing blog! Good for you :) I really enjoy reading it....keep up the great writing xx

mindvinyl said...

thanks so much miss mac! is that what the kids at school call you? . . . i had to do some detective work to figure out who you were :) just call me nancy drew.