Sunday, January 16, 2011

maybe i just shouldn't drink

at least not at an open bar party.  when something is free i like to get my money's worth...

maybe i should wear a sign that says: don't believe anything i say, i've had 2 drinks. or i don't know why i'm talking so much or i always dance like this

we had our holiday party for work last night at kultura on king st. e. i thought i liked it until i visited their website and they had the most obnoxious music playing.  it should be against the law.  especially when hangovers are involved.


Stephanie said...

This is exactly how I felt this morning Victoria. Like seriously...did I actually do everything Jordan claims I did (cause I definitely don't remember!). Lol but it was still fun :) love the blog!

mindvinyl said...

i dunno what jordan told you but i thought you were awesome! and you didn't do anything crazy, we were all having a good time.. thanks for checking it out!!