Saturday, July 9, 2011

fire work

last friday i spent the day at the beach.  the beach is my favourite place in the world.  it doesn't necessarily matter where it is, as long as i'm there.

i doubt that i'm the only person who feels this way.  depending on where you live, the beach can represent a number of things.  growing up it meant time with family and friends, meeting new people, freedom, relaxation and fun.  what does it represent to you?

my parents took my brother and i to jamaica when i was 2, phil was probably 12.  i don't remember the trip but when i look at the photos i think it must have been a lot of fun.  over the years our trips often were centred around the beach; myrtle beach, florida beaches, cuba, wasaga beach, cottages on the lake, other beaches.  i feel fortunate to have so many fond memories.  as i got older my love of the beach took myself and my best friend ange (another beach lover) out to the comox valley on vancouver island.  there were no shortage of beaches, and we made good use of them.

.... oh i've gotten off track.  last friday, beach.... mike and i took the hanlan's point ferry over to the toronto islands and spent the day on the white sand, even venturing for a dip in lake ontario.  those of you who are covering your mouths in horror, don't.  it is totally safe and the water is clear and refreshing.  besides, when you live in the city and you don't have a cottage or a car you make the best of what you have.  and what we have is pretty good.  

after the sun went down we waited, anticipating the canada day fireworks.  the beach was packed full of people doing the same.  the fireworks were late and people were losing interest when all of a sudden there was a blast and a massive firework lit up the sky.  and then nothing.  minutes later the show began. it gave me enough time to get the right setting on my camera for capturing fireworks, but the battery died after one photo.  sigh, at least it was a good one.


Alison said...

It was an amazing photo! Well done.

P.S. I love the beach too.

Andrea said...

I met you on a beach! Beach friends are forever! Can't wait to see you!