Thursday, July 7, 2011



do you have a drawer in which you keep things you rarely use?  maybe you have more than one?  when you're looking for something in there are you surprised at what you find?

i was looking for a pair of shorts today.  i went to my "obscure clothing i never wear drawer", rummaged through and couldn't find them...  i moved on to a similarly labeled drawer (my drawers aren't actually labeled, if you're wondering) and they were no where to be found.  i was in some kind of hurry to find these shorts, even though i didn't have anywhere to go.  i went back to the first drawer, dug a little deeper and there they were.  i stuffed everything back in the drawer and shut it.  i sat on the floor, relieved that i had been reunited with my shorts.  but while i was sitting there i thought, why did i make such a mess of those drawers? 

firstly i was annoyed at myself for making a mess.  i sat there thinking maybe i should tidy them up now, and the devil on my shoulder said you never use that stuff anyway, why do you have to tidy it? 

secondly i thought about how i'd forgotten about so many of the items in the drawers.  i immediately began to decide what i could get rid of and what i wanted to start wearing again.  then i started thinking about how i wear approximately 30% of the clothing i own.  a lot of it i've had for years and years and am keeping it "just in case" . . . which makes me think that i should donate it because there might be some people who would actually use them.

thirdly, i had this vague thought.. something about comparing drawers and brains.  i guess we compartmentalize our mind in a similar way.  i've got more thoughts on that but they're still being processed.  it's got me thinking though.

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