Sunday, June 26, 2011

s j watson

i had the privilege and the pleasure of attending a reading recently, at the toronto harbourfront centre.

there were two talented authors: robert rotenberg & s j watson.  as you may have already surmised, they read passages from their novels.

what brought me to this particular event was the fact that s j watson (otherwise known as steve) is mike's second cousin.  i was told that he attended mike's parents' wedding at the age of 5(ish) and lives in england.  his first novel before i go to sleep is about a woman who, after a terrible accident, lost her ability to form new memories.  ridley scott has picked it up and the filming is scheduled to start this year.  it has been a huge success and i am very much looking forward to reading it.

being that i'm interested in reading and writing i was surprised that i had never thought of attending an event like this before.  both author's came from different backgrounds.  robert is a criminal lawyer who continues to practice but wakes up at 5am everyday to write before work.  steve has a degree in physics and has spent most of his career working with the hearing impaired.  during the question period they both spoke about taking writing workshops that kick started, and inspired them to pursue their dreams of becoming an author.

on a slightly more humorous note, as i was waiting for the bus yesterday a man yelled whore out his window.  i can only assume it was directed at me because there was no one else on the street.  i didn't get a good look at him, maybe he was on the phone . . . ?  either way, it wasn't like i was wearing a mini skirt and fishnet stockings (accurate stereotype according to the movies, right?) so i laughed it off.  oh the joys of living in the city.


Andrea said...

i'm sure he ment the really nice version of whore. F'in Bastard! Hahahaha

mindvinyl said...

hahaha andrea! that's amazing. you're totally right. and hilarious.

Phil Simeon said...

Let's go get him.